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What is Gears?

Gears is a software development framework that defines a standard way for components to communicate through formal interfaces.

Gears uses a component-based architecture to promote rapid development by building applications from self-contained systems and having them communicate via formally defined interfaces. This allows functionality to be reused and avoids the complexity of tightly coupled systems.

Gears Studio Overview

Gears Studio is a development environment to facilitate the development of products, components, and APIs within a framework intended to avoid common pitfalls and to automate common tasks encountered in software development.

Create Products

Choose components that will help you accomplish your goals. Gears Studio simplifies the process of organizing components into a cohesive group that will serve as the foundation of your application.

Generate Components

Spend more time writing code. Gears Studio will quickly generate the framework for your components so you don’t have to.

Write APIs

Build a comprehensive API that exposes your component’s functionality. Using Gears Studio’s API editor, define formal interfaces for your components.

Build Server Integration

Set up a build server to build, test, and share components. The benefits of Gears Studio are bolstered when used in conjunction with continuous integration tools.

Community Edition vs Professional Edition

Bohemia Interactive Simulations provides a baseline unlicensed product, Gears Studio Community Edition, that provides everything required to streamline the development of Gears Products. Gears Studio Professional Edition is an extended product, requiring a license, that adds support for code signing and JFrog Artifactory integration. For more information about upgrading, please contact our sales department at

Feature Comparison - Community vs Professional


Community Edition

Professional Edition

Create components from a template through a guided process

Edit APIs with real-time error reporting

Version APIs to facilitate collaborative development

Manage groups of components as products

Edit all components from a single Microsoft Visual Studio solution

Build server support for continuous integration and unit testing

Integration with JFrog Artifactory to version and distribute products, components and APIs


Clone component source code to the product Development directory


Sign components to allow them to be loaded by secure applications


Technical support


Why Gears

The Gears framework and its companion tool Gears Studio were created to prevent common pitfalls and to automate common tasks encountered in software development.

Gears provides the advantages of a component-based architecture while Gears Studio automates tasks to facilitate its implementation.

Created by Developers for Developers

Developed by Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a global developer of advanced training and simulation software, Gears is being used extensively in the company’s current development efforts and is being considered for recommendation as a “modular game architecture” standard by both NATO and DoD.

How do I get Gears Studio?

Community Version

The Gears Studio “Community” version is free and available to download below.


Professional Version

The Gears Studio “Pro” version is included with Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS Simulation SDK and VBS IG SDK products from versions 18.2 and on.

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GitLab: Gears Studio Issue Tracker

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